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I'm a stripper working at Cafe Cleopatra in Montreal, Canada. Blonde with blue eyes, just shy of 5' and 100 lbs, I love to write about my stripping adventures and experiences.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back on the stage soon!

I will be making a little 'comeback' to dancing in the very near future, so stay tuned for new entries with stories and other interesting tidbits.

For those who have tried to contact me in the past via email, I apologize for not getting back to you. Once I stopped dancing last year, I had little very time to spend on my blog or emails. With time, the emails got lost due to inactivity.

This has been rectified and all accounts are active again.

So much has happened in the past few months! I'm looking forward to getting back to Cleo's for a few daytime shifts. I wonder if anything has changed? Are the same regulars still there? Have the dancers changed much? What about the other staff like doormen, DJs and waitresses? So many questions!

I can't believe I'm actually a bit nervous about going back. I wish I had the budget to spend on some new snazzy outfits, I like the ones I have, I just feel bored with them and suppose the clients do too. Otherwise I'm still in great shape and haven't lost my pole trick abilities ;) But my feet and legs have gotten out of the habit of spending hours in heels dancing away, I'm curious to see how I'll hold up!

Hoping I'll bump into some friendly familiar faces :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Private dances

I've written at length about stage performances and pole dancing in this blog, I thought it was about time I wrote more about the biggest aspect of working as a stripper: the private dances.

Since the entirety of my income at the club is dependent on my private dance sales, it is certainly in my best interest to offer high quality private dances! There are dancers who make their money by offering sub-par dances or even worse, with scamming techniques! It isn't long before these dancers income is affected by their poor choices and they either shape up or dissapear. This is especially true at Cleo's thanks to their many regular patrons who see right through such tactics.

There are two types of "private" dances offered at my club (and most others), the table dance and the booth dance. Table dances consist of the stripper performing at the customer's table/seat in the club, usually with the use of a portable micro sized platform. These dances are non-contact but fully nude including the removal of thong and are priced lower than contact booth dances.Then there are the private booth dances which are certainly the prefered type for both strippers and clients alike, save for a few exceptions.

Booth dances consist of a contact dance in a somewhat more private area of the club designated for such activites. The booth itself is a small 'stall' of sorts equiped with a chair for the customer to sit in and usually a small shelf to hold drinks. Some clubs don't close off their booths in any way, some do to a degree like mine with a black see-through curtain. Doesn't hide much from those intent on looking in but certainly a bit more private than none at all!

Which of the two do I prefer myself? Booth dances, definitely!

Why? For many reasons. I don't refuse to do table dances but I always warn those who resquest them that I'm not the best dancer for this type of request! Location of where the customer is seated in the club is a very important factor. Best places for me are the booth seats that line the walls and half walls because they offer ways for me to keep my balance along with different moves to offer. It could just be me but dancing on that little stool in heels is really hard without losing my balance! This obviously decreases my repertoire of 'moves' considerably. I also am not very gifted in the art of non-contact private dances so I feel awkward performing them. Add the fact that these are done in the open area of the club where all can see, not to mention the almost always present neighbouring customers oogling the free show. Then finish it all off by being paid less for such dances... I hope you can understand why I find them less desirable to offer and perform. It's certainly not an issue for me at Cleo's. Table dances aren't commonly requested or performed from what I've seen and experienced during dayshifts.

Now to answer the questions that most people are curious about!

What do I do during a private booth dance?

It depends highly on the person I am dancing for. No two customers are the same and what one person may enjoy, another will not. I first try to 'read' my companion at the beginning of the dance and feel out what kind of experience he is looking for. Generally, private booth dances fall into 2 categories: sensual style or sexual style.

Those seeking a sensual experience are looking to make more of a connection and appreciate the feminity and softess of women. Slow, unrushed dance movements with lots of eye contact and caressing. Body contact is high with me pressing myself in close and often including lots of hugging. There is more detail I can go into but I prefer not revealing all my tricks at once, hehe. While the general atmosphere of these dances is relaxed, things can definitely get pretty intense ;)

Those seeking a more sexual experience usually care less about eye contact or making a connection prefering groping and lots of grinding. Dance movements are fast paced and pretty much reduced to grinding. With the occasional change of positions these dances are pretty much just that. Most attempts I make to try and change things up a bit are met with resistance and redirected to more grinding. I don't mind it as long they understand my need to change positions often or taking a fews seconds break after a couple songs. Constant grinding is tough on the legs, especially on them quads.

Which style of booth dancing do I prefer?

Definitely sensual or mix of sensual with grinding. The biggest influence on what makes giving a private dance enjoyable though, is the person whom I'm dancing for. Pleasant disposition, good manners and respectful are traits that go a long way in my books. With such people, I'm happy to provide whichever type of experience they are looking for.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Busy bee!

A couple unexpected (but very welcome) projects came my way and took up a fair chunk of my time recently. Now that things have quieted down again, I'll have the time to finally finish up a few posts that I've started writing.

But for this afternoon, I'm off to the club (a little late, I know) for a quick dayshift.

More to come soon by Monday!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The "performer" in me

Working at the club this week has been easier on my body, I'm getting back to the physical shape I was accustomed to and enjoying it. It's nice to wake up the morning after without: strained/pulled muscles, achy joints, sore feet, etc.. Not that I complain much about those things when they do happen, I know full well that these pains are part of the 'job' ;) I don't think I will ever work a shift without my feet aching and earning a few bruises, hasn't happened yet and I certainly don't expect it to!

I've gotten used to these habitual work pains. The achy feet are pretty obvious because of the high heels, but I have the added luck of having tiny feet. This means that my feet accomodate the 4" incline of stripper heels much more sharply compared to dancers with average or large sized feet.

The bruising has decreased significantly over time but still remains a regular occurance, I've yet to come home after work without a couple fresh bruises on my knees. These always stem from the floor work segments of my stage sets. Pretty much any contact of my bare knees with the hard surface of the stage will do it, it really doesn't take much. I could use a blanket like some other dancers do but I find it to be more of a pain than the bruises! Besides, it never hurts when I do the things that causes them and thanks to arnica gel they fade away quickly in a day or two.

I'm sure I've mentionned how much I enjoy doing stage sets in earlier posts ;) I love it for many reasons. Good music + poles = me having a blast dancing and doing tricks! There's also a little part of me that's always wanted to be a performer, be in the limelight and entertain the audience with my talents. Although far removed from being a conventional performer, dancing on stage satisfies that itch in a strange way and adds to the fun. I figure since I'll never be a rock star or act in a play on broadway, I might as well make the most of the audience and stage time I do have!

I frequently receive compliments about my stage performances from both customers and staff. I'm quite surprised at the amount of positive feedback I get and appreciate it very much. I know that I invest quite a bit of effort in my stage sets and always do the best I can. I just never expected to have so much positive feedback! In the "stripper world" I'm still considered somewhat as 'new/inexperienced' since I have been dancing for less than a year and only on a part time basis. I've also received many positive comments and thumbs up for the stage music I choose.

So with my love of dancing on stage coupled with such awesome responses, I really put all I can into my performances regardless of how many patrons are in the club. A few customers have expressed concern that I'm pushing myself too hard when they see my bruises, some get worried that I could seriously injure myself with some of my fancier pole tricks. I think it's so sweet of them to care :) I try to reassure them that besides a couple bruises, I don't take big risks and my pole tricks have been very well rehearsed. They soon realise that I genuinely enjoy myself up there!

I know there is still much room for improvement and I'm always looking to better my stage sets. I'm working on some new tricks, improving my flexibility and adding some new moves. Besides it being fun, it's a fantastic workout!

I love this aspect of working as a stripper. In a strange twisted way, I get to satisfy the performer 'itch' in me by dancing on the stage of a strip club! Go figure!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dancing again!

After an impromtu two month hiatus from dancing, I'm back at the club stripping again! It was nice to get away from the club for a while. I enjoyed some relaxing 'vacation' time and worked on a couple new projects.

I apologize for the long absence of blog entries... I love to write about my work experiences, share my thoughts and opinions on this work and the people I meet though it. But writing is very new to me and I've never writen anything before I started this blog. Writing never really appealed to me until recently and I didn't think I was good enough to write anything at all to tell you the truth. Starting this blog was a spur of the moment thing. I had toyed with keeping a diary of my venture in to stripping, I figured why not try blogging it.

Since starting this blog I've discovered a couple things: I enjoy writing much more than I expected, and I'm not as terrible at writing than I first thought. It's nice to see that my first attempts at this new interest of mine are going well and not a complete disaster! That said, writing is a new hobby of mine that still needs much work and is time consuming. I will try to post more often and consistently but please remember I write in this blog for my own pleasure first and foremost. I appreciate every reader that stops by, particularly those that visit regularly or take the time to comment and/or email ;) You make this so much more enjoyable and I thank you for that.

My first day back at Cleo's was this past Tuesday afternoon. I was happy to see a few regulars and get back into the dancing groove. I knew that since I hadn't danced in such a long time, I wasn't in prime dancing shape anymore ( it's amazing what a few weeks or even days of time off can do!). But I thought since I still had practiced at home now and then, it wouldn't be too bad.

I wasn't too far off the mark with my assumption, but was caught off guard by how much my stage set drained me. I managed the first two song set pretty well but was quite winded at the end with my legs starting to tell me that they were getting enough of a workout. I had a one song break to run downstairs to change and catch my breath before I ran back up for my last dance of the set. I had barely caught my breath when I started my last song.

Tried to take it easy and do fewer demanding pole tricks but I still just barely managed to make it through without looking like I was feeling! I finished up my dance and got off stage a few seconds before the song was done and managed to make my way downstairs to recuperate. Needless to say, it took a few minutes!

I discovered that the club acquired a new DJ during my absence who was working that shift. So far not great from a dancer's point of view but it was the first time I worked with him and apparently he is new to the club and type of work. He played some interesting choices during breaks songs (when no dancer is on stage) and that was a nice change from the same old songs we hear so often. I hope that he learns be more flexible with the stage rotation like other DJs, it benefits both the DJ and dancers. Stage rotation favors = tips so both sides are happy.

Otherwise the day was pretty quiet... I thought it to be one of those days but after speaking to different staff members, I learned that it's been this way pretty much since I worked there last. This news is depressing to hear because I love working at Cleo's. It's not the nicest club by any means but it's homey and the staff personable. The fact that it was also the busiest club in town during dayshift made it a great place to work. If that's changed though, I have to look into other options.

I'm thinking of giving nightshift a try, most likely at a different club. I'm curious about the new Kingdom Gentlemen club that opened very close to Cleo's but I've heard mixed reviews and mostly that the club isn't busy. I'll probably check it out one day but will wait a while to see if it starts picking up first. My first pick so far to try a new club with nightshift is L'Axe. I'm open to other suggestions though so don't be shy to let me know yours!

In the meantime, I'll be working dayshift tomorrow at Cleo's. Ciao!


P.S. I'm still behind on my email, I haven't forgotten or ignored anyone and will be getting back to you shortly!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Last minute news

I will be back at work today after a two week hiatus. This leave from dancing was thanks to a nasty chest cold that really knocked me out. I'm quite happy to be feeling well again and look forward to hitting the stage at the club today :)

It will be interesting for me to see the difference at the club with the smoking ban in effect. I am looking forward to this new work environment as I myself have kicked the smoking habit, yay!

More to come soon, I'm off to work :)


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Other Strippers

One of the trickier aspects of working as a stripper is managing inter-dancer relationships. In my experience, any group of women working in close quarters is bound to have it's fair share of dramatic outburst and cattiness, regardless of their occupation. I've experienced it in many different contexts and have observed general female group social dynamics as well as some most interesting drama. In a socially accepted environment, it's already hard to avoid certain problems within a female group. In the stripping business, it can be exponantially tougher because the profession attracts and employs many persons with various personal issues (i.e. emotional, psychological, substance abuse, bad relationships, low self esteem, etc, etc.).

In any female group, save for the very small ones, there are always cliques and sub-groups. Women that belong to a certain clique will almost uniquely socialize within their group and ignore everyone else. The only time they will talk with others is when the other members of their clique are absent or busy. It's as if they would get in trouble with their peers for socializing outside the group, lol! Other cliques have superiority complexes, acting like they are the best and everyone else is *insert explitive here* to them.

Depending on the club, cliques are more or less of a problem. At Cleo's there are a few but the majority of dancers are friendly regardless which is nice. Since we have a larger amount of dancers working per shift than most other clubs, it allows the opportunity for more distance between dancers and to find someone you have more in common with. Also with a bigger rotation of dancers, I'm never working with the same exact women all the time. From my experiences, the inter-dancer relations at my club are quite pleasant and certainly exceeded all my expectations in that area and continue to do so.

Since I started stripping, I've observed many different types of dancers and their various work methods. Each has their own little way: Getting their look together with hair, makeup and outfits; Their stage performances and song selections; The way they interact with customers and sell private dances; What they do when they're not busy; etc. Some dancers have their act together and are fantastic entertainers. Unfortunately a fair number of strippers I think should either take a break or retire, at the very least re-examine their work methods.

I hear numerous complaints from fellow dancers every time I work about how they are not making money. These "complainers" have been dancing for a few years, probably a few too long and are jaded. It's always the same comments with them regardless of how busy the club is: "It's dead, there aren't any clients.", "I haven't made any money, no one is buying dances.", "The customers here today are all jerks.", "It's quiet and I'm not making money because of the weather (too nice out or too rainy), or because of the construction, etc." Of course, their lack of dance sales can't be related to something that they're doing wrong! Such thoughts never cross their minds strangely... I wonder if it's some kind of denial or something, it must be.

These complaining dancers boggle my mind because their dancing income is an obvious reflection of their work methods. Yet, they refuse to think that the problem lies with them or the way they choose to work. They invest as little energy and effort into their work as possible but expect to earn the same as a dancer who does the opposite.

They come in to work and spend over an hour in the dressing room getting "ready" before hitting the floor. Their lengthy preparation ritual usually comprises of chatting up fellow dancers and wasting time. Some don't bother doing anything to their hair or using makeup to improve their look and the lack of care in their appearance is obvious. Not to mention that they wear the same outfit everytime they work adding to the uninspired look they portray. Their stage sets are equally stale, dancing to the same songs day after day for months on end or longer, all the while looking most uninterested while performing on stage.

These dancers also waste a large chunk of their workshift downstairs in the dressing room or bathroom. It seems to be their favorite spot to meet and complain among themselves or vent their lack of success on whoever else is down there at the time. I've gone down to the changing room a few times near the end of the shift to see them sprawled out, complaining about how bad money is today during the busiest part of the day...

On top of all that, their customer approach is terrible! They walk around with sour faces and clearly display their lack of interest. I see them approach customers: straight faces, bored and offering they're services... They don't get invited to sit with customers very often (usually they invite themselves to a table) and most often they start complaining to the customer about their crappy day or some other personal issue.

And they have trouble selling dances? Hmmm.... I wonder why?!?

Then there are what I refer to as the "partying" strippers. These dancers also complain that they don't make much money selling dances but aren't anywhere near as negative as the dancers mentionned above. They've also been dancing for some time but continue to invest some time and effort into their appearance to various degrees. A bit of diversity in their outfits and song choices could be recommended, some could do with changing up their stage routines as well. I can't make any reproaches about these dancers on their shows though. They seem to enjoy it and have fun interacting with the audience a lot.

Off stage, these dancers will zone in on customers that are in a very festive mood, preferably a table with more than one patron. As long as drinks are regularly provided, they seem more than happy to stay at the table drinking and horsing around, often for hours. When partying customers are lacking, they drink amongst themselves and have their own private celebration. Consequently at the end of the shift they are drunk, sometimes very incapacitated.

When working the floor to sell private dances, these strippers have a good approach with customers. They take time to chat with patrons and then win them over with their high spirited and playful attitudes. Unfortunately, since partying is seemingly their prefered activity at work, it undoubtedly affects their earnings. Either they lose out on selling private dances or they end up spending their earnings on more alcohol.

It doesn't surprise me to hear them complain now and then about not making much money. At least they don't complain much or often and are usually always in a good mood. Sometimes the hard part is resisting the urge to join in their fun because I know that I'd have a great time unwinding and celebrating with them. I just don't feel right doing so at work and it's definitely not a habit I want to start.

Another type of dancer I see frequently is the "I'm so hot" pretentious type. They take great care in their appearance, polishing their look and style to it's fullest potential. Naturally attractive, they provide more variety with their look and performances by changing their outfits, song choices and dance routines. They've mastered the appearance aspect of stripping very well, maximizing that element impressively. Sadly, many of these dancers feel that just being very attractive is all they need to sell dances.

With their beautiful looks, they never have problems attracting customers. Selling private dances is another story though. They don't smile much and don't put much effort in conversations or anything to close a sale. They give the impression that anything more than looking pretty and offering private dances is a chore and that they are above having to "work" a customer. From my observations, the majority of these dancers' sales techniques consists of them approaching customers one after the other with a flat "Wanna dance?"

I'll often hear them complain about how they're not making as much as they want. Of course to them it has to be because of all the other dancers give extras. Gosh darn, you don't have to do extras to make money but you do need some good sales and customer service skills. Duh...

I've had the luck of crossing paths with some great dancers while working at Cleo's. Their ages and amount of experience varies but their pleasant demeanor and sensible approach to this job is clear. They are fun to work with and to talk with when time permits.

They take good care of their appearance and put a lot of effort into their stage performances. They offer more variety in their looks and stage shows with different outfits and music selections. Friendly and engaging with the customers, they do very well earning their money while having fun at the same time.

As co-workers, they are a dream to work along side with compared to other types of dancers like those mentionned above. Their reasonable approach to this business especially applies to how they interact with other dancers and they avoid negative people as much as discreetly possible. They stay away from drama and problems situations and I've never seen a great dancer be the cause a stir. I appreciate these women immensely because they are level-headed and fun, not petty, jealous, dramatic or gossip mongers like some others.

As it is with many other things in life, it's easier to talk about the negative side of things. This doesn't mean that I have more unpleasant co-workers than nice ones, just that they tend to leave a more lasting impression. My interactions with other dancers at work is fairly limited. I come to work prepared and only needing a few minutes to get changed. I keep my visits to the bathroom and dressing room "to the point" and avoid getting caught up in lengthy conversations.

It's not that I don't enjoy socializing with fellow dancers but I'm not there to have fun, I'm there to work. In a very lax working environment like a strip club, it's easy to let yourself get distracted or caught up in something fun and lose valuable time. No one is there to tell you to get back to work or check your overall performance and sales. Those with little or no self-dicipline end up taxing their bodies faster with alcohol, drugs and/or not eating right on top of decreasing their earnings.

So I try to manage my work time effectively and focus on what I'm there to do. I'm happy with my on the job performance though I know I still need to work on a few things. The results speak for themselves with my earnings and repeat customers so I must be doing some things right ;)